What we do

Much of the existing research and action on sustainable fashion comes from the industry: optimization of complex supply chains, innovation in material design and production processes to reduce environmental impacts of fashion, improving the working conditions of people who make our clothes. However, research on fashion consumption has been fragmented and received much less attention.

This group aims to build a community of academic researchers and practitioners interested in fashion consumption.

To learn more about our research please check out our framework here.


  • Sustainable alternatives to fast fashion, sustainable fashion consumption practices, including second-hand shopping, swaps, renting clothing.
  • Trends of minimalism, downsizing and de-cluttering, mindful curation and slow fashion.
  • Collaborative consumption and sharing economy.
  • Contributions from consumers to circular fashion.
  • Education for sustainable fashion consumption, including style education, mending and repair skills, post-purchase garment care, etc.
  • Fashion consumption practices in various geographical contexts.
  • Gender dimension in fashion consumption.
  • Policies and industry efforts required to achieve more sustainable fashion consumption (not only awareness raising but also changes in material arrangements, infrastructure, fiscal and other measures to create opportunities for consumers to shop more sustainably), etc

Executive Committee

In September 2020, our network established an Executive Committee, which consists of:
Dr. Claudia HENNINGER (University of Manchester)
Dr. Samira IRAN (Technical University Berlin)
Dr. Katia DAYAN (VLADIMIROVA) (University of Geneva)

How to join

We welcome researchers from different disciplines and practitioners interested in the topics related to fashion consumption.

You can join our working group by sending an email to the working group founder and coordinator: 
katia.dayan.vladi@gmail.com or Ekaterina.Vladimirova@unige.ch