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“Time to hear what suppliers say about sustainability”

By Chunhua Ye, University of Manchester, UK As sustainable consumption by end customers has received increasing attention, less emphasis has been put on suppliers’ understanding of sustainability. By employing institutional and cognitive theories, this research examines how manufacturers in China’s textile and clothing industry interpret the sustainability concept and how their interpretations are influenced by…

Communicating actionable sustainability information to consumer: The Shades of Green instrument for fashion

By Linda Turunen, Aalto University Looking for a sustainable fashion item? It seems there is a lot to choose from. There are organic cotton t-shirts, items with ethical working conditions secured and Öko Tex certifications attached. Not to forget hoodies made of recycled materials and minimal water usage or Co2-compensated production processes. Sustainability seems to…

Style Consumption and Sustainable Fashion

By Shipra Gupta, College of Business and Management, University of Illinois Springfield Given my prior training and education in fashion industry, one of my research interests focuses on examining issues of sustainability in the fashion industry which is known to encourage a great deal of socially irresponsible behavior. Especially in the United States with its…

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