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Fashion DeTox challenge – exploring our NEEDS and WANTS

by Emma Kidd, Glasgow Caledonian University Findings from the Fashion Detox Challenge have revealed that shoppers often amass new clothes to cope with stress and anxiety.  The findings come from ‘detox diaries’ completed by shoppers from Scotland, England, the US, Canada, and Australia. Frequent shoppers pledged to take a 10-week break from buying new clothes andContinue reading “Fashion DeTox challenge – exploring our NEEDS and WANTS”

Creative marketing and the clothes swapping phenomenon

By Claudia Henninger, Manchester University Why do we do things the way we do them and what makes us do them in the first instance? Being a researcher allows to address these questions, by exploring different topic areas we have always wondered about. One of my personal areas of interests centres on collaborative fashion consumption,Continue reading “Creative marketing and the clothes swapping phenomenon”

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